Thursday, August 4, 2016

No more excuses, TUSD

Judge Bury asserted in U.S. v. TUSD (Mar. 8, 2016): “Again, TUSD’s analysis ignores the most important marketing tool for any school: academic achievement. The Court notes that where TUSD operates A-schools, students attend, including students outside that school's district and even from outside of TUSD. Sabino High School draws approximately 53% of its students from outside the school's attendance area, and approximately 30 students enter as 9th graders from outside TUSD. See also University High School and Dodge Middle School.”
The court's statement serves to destroy any excuses that TUSD leaders are just innocent victims of all the students that are leaving the district.  If TUSD leaders focused on raising student achievement district-wide (not in certain schools, as they do now), more students would enter the district in search of a high quality education.  Fewer students would leave in search of that same high quality education.

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