Thursday, September 1, 2016

Community Support Draft Statement

Though I am a political new-comer, I have garnered a great deal of support in the community, and I am working on building more every day.  I have taken advantage of the many free resources that technology provides, including Facebook, Twitter, and the ability to host my own blog and website.  Thus far, I have raised over a thousand dollars (in just over a month), but I understand that this race will require more.  So, I have enlisted the services of a campaign manager who will help to focus my campaign the way the Gibson efficiency audit will help to focus the TUSD school board.  Also, as a result of the years I spent teaching, I have many friends who teach in TUSD.  They have helped me to learn more about TUSD and other local districts, garner support among teachers and other school staff, and focus my preparations for this school board race.  Last, I am prepared to spend my own money, as necessary.  However, the position I seek is a volunteer one, and I do not believe that it should be necessary to spend exorbitant sums to better direct a school district.  In fact, doing the opposite might better show one’s capacity to spend and save wisely.  Even so, I understand that politics is what it is.  Thus, I will continue to fundraise, network, and spread my name in an effort to improve Tucson’s public schools.

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