Saturday, October 15, 2016

In Response to Criticism

At least one person has communicated to me some interest in my background.  So, here is some more info:

I was a Republican until about 2008, I think—and I did register Independent recently.  Independent is more accurate for what I am.  (I called myself Libertarian for a while).  

I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  I believe in freedom, but I think that some regulation is necessary to maintain that freedom.  I am wary of our growing hulk of a federal government.  I do not think more federal government is the answer, and other countries teach us that.  

I believe in local government.  I think school boards play a key role in local government because education is fundamental.  I think a business model can help schools, but leaders must not lose focus: the task is to educate young people, not make money; money is just a tool.  We must use the tool to bring about learning, creativity, and ingenuity.  I do not believe in corporatizing education, so I believe schools should teach more than just math and English.  

I do not believe in zero tolerance, and I have seen restorative circles work.  Implementation is what matters most.  Still, there must be order, and reality dictates that poor choices lead to difficult consequences.  Students should learn about difficult consequences when they are in school.  But they should not suffer the rest of their lives for it.  

I am not a proponent of the great man theory, and I believe people can and do learn; intelligence is not fixed, and the earlier children start learning, the more learning children do.  

Most importantly, I believe that what a public representative believes is not nearly as important as what the people want from the representative; it is the job of the representative to listen to the community and represent the people, according to her best judgment.  It is the job of the community to pick the person whose judgement (and word) they trust.

My message.  I guess it is vote for me, help me win—so I can help improve TUSD.  I would like to bring transparency, accountability, and integrity to TUSD.  If each board member would act and think independently, the board would be more effective as a whole.  I am an independent thinker, and I want to help.  I think I can help.  For more details, check out or friend me on Facebook (  I opened my personal page to the public to demonstrate that I have nothing to hide, that I am truly Independent, and because I want to hear from you.  I am listening.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond—

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