Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 January 10 Agenda Notes

Agenda at:

My questions re: agenda-->

·      Item #4: Supt.’s designee is who?  

·      Item #5: To grant authorization for Governing Board Members?

o   Gift of public funds?  Please explain what GPF means.  

o   How is it that teachers can get stiffed for money they worked for in 2011-2015 via TUSD Prop 301 decisions, but GBMs can get reimbursed for gas when they drive in TUSD, and the Supt. and each of the other administrators can get reimbursed for driving outside the District?

o   How often do the mentioned administrators drive outside the District?  For what purpose? 

o   How much does the District spend on reimbursements to administrators for gas?

·      Item 6: What is the current process?  This is not clear; what are the implications of a yes/no vote?  

·      Item 7: Need to streamline expulsion process?  Hmmm.  Need to streamline hiring process!  

Initial Process Questions:

1. Why are these items the first we are to consider in 2017?  Are these really TUSD's most important priorities for its newly constituted board?

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  1. A minor comment on the wording of the sentence following Call to Audience in the Agenda, i.e., the part beginning with Pursuant to Governing Board Policy No. BDAA.

    Is all public comment categorized as criticism?
    If not, why is only criticism (however such would be identified at the time) limited to response by one board member?
    The wording, maybe even the intent, with respect to participatory process seems sloppy and slightly hostile.