Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Agenda

Priority #1: Expend the resources necessary to provide each TUSD school with one additional full-time counselor, librarian, and custodian for the 2017/18 school year.

Priority #2: Eliminate director bonuses and stipends, allocate funds to the classroom. Currrently TUSD spends $.47 out of every dollar in the classroom; ideally, TUSD will spend $.75 out of dollar in the classroom by 2020.  

Priority #3: Start teachers at $50K/year; pay all teachers according to a set step schedule, so teachers with more years of experience and advanced degrees are paid a higher salary, which reflects their education and experience, regardless of where they earned their experience.

Priority #4: Lower the class size to 15--> reallocate funds so that they reflect priorities; instead of celebrating non-school personnel, prioritize students, teachers, staff.  Learn from Districts that have done a better job under similar circumstances.  Work with universities.  Ensure all director positions exist to serve students, and eliminate the positions that do not, establish those that do.

Priority #5: Treat custodians, bus drivers, school safety personnel, crossing guards, and all non-teaching staff as the essential personnel they are by raising wages and establishing feedback loops and other mechanisms for employees to provide input and correct systemic issues.

Priority #6: Go paperless: provide every student with a tablet or laptop and reliable wifi onsite.

Priority #7: Learn from Districts that have done a better job under similar circumstances; apply for federal, local, and private grant funding; collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce, COX, TEP, the Az Tech Council, and other local groups.

Priority #8: "Get the right people on the bus" using objective data about competency, impact on student achievement and enrollment, and satisfaction rates.

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