Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Apology for Mischaracterized Comments

It has come to my attention that words I uttered in irony have been mischaracterized and shared, and I am very sorry that they have caused angst or upset.  I went to coffee with a constituent, who represented a coalition, and he was video recording the session unbeknownst to me. For over an hour, he goaded me and, because I am a novice, I allowed myself to become frustrated.  Instead of leaving, I spit at him the term that he had repeatedly thrown at me for over an hour.  It was a terrible mistake, and I am very sorry for the hurt my words caused.

I have learned a valuable lesson about communication and my standing as a TUSD School Board Member.  Please, however, let me be clear: I am not a white supremacist.  The concept has no merit and no place in today’s world, and I have pledged to serve every single student in TUSD to the best of my abilities.  I sincerely believe that education is a fundamental human right.  Since being elected to the Board, I have been visiting the schools, learning from employees and community members, and reading as much as possible to prepare to address each issue on the Board’s table.  One result is that I am actively pursuing raising classroom spending from $.47 closer to $.75 out of every dollar to provide improved learning supports for every student in TUSD. 

I hope that you can forgive my lapse in judgment and that you will support our schools and the Board by sharing your ideas, solutions, and insights with us, so we can better serve our students. 

Rachael Sedgwick

28 February 2017


  1. Rachael,
    I think it is very nice of you to put an apology out there in light of everything. I have read in other articles how the comment was made and the context it was given in and based on your own past experiences it was obviously taken out of the context it was used in. It is too bad others look for any misstep and then jump on it like a pack of wolves.

    I once had a very wise leader and mentor tell me that when you are in a highly visible leadership position like I was at the is like living in a fish bowl with everyone else watching you and your every move. So think of yourself as that beautiful Beta fish swimming around and everyone watching, wanting to be in your position and waiting for you to make those mistakes.
    I see in you those same core values that I adopted when I was in the Air Force...Integrity, Service Before Self, and a Committment to Excellence. You stand up for what is right, you are all about our kids, and you are going to make thinks better. I admire your courage in the face of such animosity to do the right thing for our schools, teachers, and students with this recent board decision. Keep charging ahead to do what is best for our district. I know that I am one of many in your corner.

  2. I have spoken to Rachael on many occasions, being a person has two different tribes blood flowing through me, I have received nothing less than the utmost respect from Rachael. Rachael is no racist, the Grijalvas are afraid of her and well they should be,they set her up. Watch your back Rachael, depend on the friends you've made . I pray my situation is rectified, but I will be there for you. You have my support. I fully intend on being a part of the new and improved TUSD. Apology not need, you're doing great.