Thursday, March 2, 2017

Do You Know Who I Am?

I am:

1. The board member who will not make excuses for low student performance and high costs.

2. The board member who will not bow down to bullies, who will not accept bullying in the schools.

3. The board member who is dedicated to investing more than just $.47 out of every $1 in the classroom.

4. The board member who will ensure that grades are not changed without teacher approval, authorization.

5. The board member who will not accept or ignore any egregious violation of law or policy.

6. The board member who values teachers and staff who work on-site above all others, regardless of standing, ego, or influence.

7. The board member who will be transparent in all things, regardless of the pushback.

8. The board member who will apologize and take responsibility for all the wrongs that have been committed in TUSD, not just for those that I can control.

9. The board member who has committed to servant leadership, to teaching, learning, and volunteering to better her community.

10. The board member who is dedicated to social justice, to the neediest students in TUSD, who will not blame or lie or exalt herself above any other board member, employee, or person TUSD serves.

In sum, I am one of the five TUSD School Board Members that will lead TUSD into an era of transparency and accountability.

Thank you!

So...who are you?

1 comment:

  1. I am the person that has been the victim of retaliation, against board policy, I am the person slandered by board members,I am the person blacklisted by TUSD . I am one of many victims of wrong doings by TUSD. Bring the Shannon Roberts issue before the board , help me get justice for what's been done to me.