Saturday, June 10, 2017

Newsletter: The First Six Months

Hello Friends,

I hope this message finds you well.  I am writing to provide an update on my first six months on the TUSD School Board. 

For those of you who may not know, I graduated from law school in May, and I am studying to take the Multistate Bar Exam in July.  Still, I want to make time for you this summer, so I will hold in-person meetings on:

·      June 24 at 12 noon at La Cocina
·      July 29 at 12 noon at La Cocina

If you would like to join us, please RSVP to me at 

School Visits:  These were wonderfully educational!  I visited about 70 schools since January.  Find photos on my website:

You can also find updates on my Facebook page: 

Although there is (always) room for improvement, I learned from my school visits that our schools are thriving in many ways.  TUSD is a very, very large district, and each school is very, very unique.  It was a pleasure to visit each one, and I look forward to resuming my visits in August. 

I am still determined to add at least one extra full-time custodian, librarian, and counselor to each school site.  That change may not be possible for 2017/18.  But, if we do not give up, success is simply a matter of time. J

The Budget: I have again requested a budget study session for the Board.  It is time we took charge of the budget planning process.  The session should happen in August, depending on the Board President. 

My goal: TUSD will allocate:
o   50% minimum on direct instruction costs,
o   15% minimum on indirect instruction costs,
o   10% maximum on administrative costs, and
o   agree that all cuts will be made from the central office and department levels. 
Hiring a Superintendent.  We are in the process of appointing a Superintendent Search Committee.  Each TUSD Board Member will appoint two committee members, and the whole Board will vote on an at-large member June 13.  If you have ideas, concerns, or suggestions about the committee, etc., please contact Dr. Clement directly (through the Board Office).

Board Members are learning how to work together and learning about each other, learning how to focus on what matters most: the students, academic achievement levels, and better resourcing our school sites.  Your support is always welcome, as is your feedback about how we are doing.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your summer!


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