Sunday, October 15, 2017

Class Sizes (20:1 by 2020?) and Rumors

Hi Everyone, I keep hearing from teachers who have been told, for some mysterious reason, to expect larger class sizes next year--have you heard the same from an administrator? If so, please email me (not on FB, but at TUSD). 

TEA bargains for the teacher-student ratio, which is set too high, as far as I am concerned. I think the Board should set the student:teacher ratio, and I think we should set it at 20:1 by 2020. 

Until I am able to convince other board members that it is a good idea for TUSD, TEA remains in charge. So, please, email your TEA Rep if you have more than the bargained for number of students in your classroom or if you have been told to expect larger classes next year, and let me (or Dr. Trujillo) know also, if you will. 

Thank you!

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