Monday, November 20, 2017

A Strategy for Developing a Strategic Plan

A community member reached out asking for our top ten ideas for turning TUSD around.  Here is my response:

Your question implicates our strategic plan, which does not exist—the reason why everyone thinks that we are not focused (we have no plan).  So, I think we should first and foremost develop a strategic plan with the superintendent, as part of his evaluation process, as follows:

1. Vote on 5 over-arching board goals for TUSD

2. Follow up with Dr. Trujillo to develop 3 to 5 strategies for each Goal.  I have included a few examples of strategies I would like to see employed below.

3. Dr. Trujillo would then work to develop S.M.A.R.T. tactics, alone or with other administrators, by which to fulfill the strategies we develop.

4. Hold Dr. Trujillo accountable for successfully implementing the tactics he chooses (by delegating to and evaluating administrators effectively); Trujillo will be evaluated against the tactics that he chooses and shares with us (to implement the strategies we develop together). 

For example:

I.                    Board goal: Achieve Financial Sustainability

    1. Strategy: Increase student enrollment to positive percentage by 40th day of 2019-20 school year.
i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Reduce enrollment loss by 50% by the 40th day of the 2018-2019 school year as compared to the 40th day of the 2017-2018 school year? [This was his recommendation.]

ii.              Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

iii.             Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

2. Strategy: Decrease spending on Operations by at least 10%, as measured by AZ Auditor General Report, by 2018-19

i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Work with Sustainability Partners?

3. Strategy: Decrease spending on Administration by 2%, as measured by AZ Auditor General Report, by 2018-19
i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

4. Strategy: Ensure the most efficient and effective use of all school sites, including by consolidating under-enrolled schools, selling or leasing all empty buildings, and building additional structures, as necessary.
i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

II.                  Board goal: Raise Academic Achievement Levels

    1. Strategy: Improve district-wide average school rating for each category (elementary, middle, and high school) by one grade level by 2018-19
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] 

3. Strategy: Move UHS to a stand-alone site and expand programming to fulfill requirements for high schools under USP by July 2019
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

III.                Board goal: Improve Student Conduct District-Wide

1.     Strategy: Revise GSRR for clarity and effectiveness by August 2018
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]
2.    Strategy: Provide professional development in effective restorative practices, inclusive discipline strategies, etc. by August 2018.
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]
3.    Strategy: Revise TUSD policy to take back teacher-related policies currently left to TEA on a discretionary basis, including student/teacher ratios, by 2018-19.
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

IV.                Board goal: Improve Client (Community) Relations

1.     Strategy: Improve employee retention levels by August 2018
i.                           Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]
2.    Strategy: Improve community (family) relations and communications (achieve transparency) by creatively exploiting all media outlets and by collecting and sharing more information than necessary, by August 2018, as measured by surveys, emails to board, and other anecdotal and empirical data.
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]
3.    Strategy: Decrease transportation issues by August 2018
i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Dismiss Transpar at conclusion of current contract period.

4. Strategy: Increase classroom spending by at least 2%, as measured by the Arizona Auditor General’s report, by 2018-19.
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

V.                  Board goal: Implement USP, Achieve Desegregation (Forever)

    1. Strategy: Collect and evaluate data, use research in all decision-making (for all schools and, therefore, magnet schools)
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

    1. Strategy: Meet with Plaintiffs’ Representatives to develop mutually acceptable plans for growth and development
                                                               i.      Tactic: [Trujillo chooses]

    1. Strategy: Fulfill court orders by systemically developing and supporting effective magnet programs
i.               Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Expand Tully open GATE program to Roberts-Naylor by August 2018?

ii.              Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Develop ROTC magnet program?

iii.            Tactic: [Trujillo chooses] Expand and further support Catalina CTE magnet?

Where there are fewer than 5 strategies, I figure the board would work together to formulate more, and we would work together to decide on the final percentages and dates.

Finally, I think it is very important that the board take its retreat already.  We need to set goals for the board and a plan to evaluate ourselves and our work together and for TUSD, and we need to do it soon.  If we do not develop respect for each other and get above and beyond the politics, the mess will never end. 

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