Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Other Side (TUSD Mulls Equity For All?)

"Sedgwick and I proposed in April that TUSD increase its instructional spending to 50 percent (still far below the 58.3 percent average of its six large peer Arizona districts), with further increases in subsequent years. This resolution could not gain a third vote. We have likewise failed in other attempts to trim unnecessary noninstructional spending. [At least one board member called me "irresponsible" for suggesting that we cut spending in Operations by half. Another curses at me when I speak at meetings, but has the nerve to call for change. And the media completely ignores the fact that Dr. Stegeman has more fiscal knowledge and experience than all of us other board members combined, including the one who has been on the board longer. Twilight Zone?!?"]

"The Star’s editorial page has, meanwhile, largely focused on personalities and real or exaggerated internal conflicts in TUSD.

"The Star could have better used the same editorial space weeks ago to discuss the bond and override measures that four local districts put to the voters. Instead it remained conspicuously silent. It is apparently easier to spot one bottle among the acres of educational issues, and throw a rock at it."

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